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    Osato laboratory Ltd. Social activity and approach of ISO14001
    Firefly protection project

    A small brook runs right by the west side of Osato laboratory Ltd.. We think it is our duty as one of local enterprises in this area not to pollute the nearby brook, and to conserve our natural environment for future.
    Then, in 2009, we started the project to create environment where fireflies can live, that is an index of the water pollution level

    The brook on the west side

    Purpose of activity: Conservation of water quality environment and biodiversity by creating environment where fireflies can live
    Details of activity:  Cleaning of the brook once a month
    Arranging stones to create harboring places for firefly's larvae
    Conducting a water quality inspection once a year

    Cleaning of the brook

    We continue this activity expecting that we will be able to observe lots of gleaming fireflies.
    The activities will be updated on this website.