Fermented Papaya Preparation 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

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    Greeting from OSATO Research Institute

    I feel honored to be the senior director of the Osato Research Institute.
    I assumed the position because Mr. Hayashi is one of my longtime friends and I fully appreciate his idea to reduce medical cost in the aging society, which is the main reason why ORI was established.

    I have been interested for years in congenital and acquired hemolytic anemias where oxidative stress is playing a major pathophysiological role. This is how I became involved in studying the effects of FPP (Fermented Papaya Preparation) which is a very unique food capable of adjusting oxidative stress within a living organism with a concomitant increase in antioxidant enzymes in the body such as Gluthatione (GSH).

    I think that FPP can be used in a variety of disorders where oxidative stress is playing a role alone or in combination with other drugs.

    I have used FPP to treat patients with thalassemia and showed amelioration of parameters of oxidative stress. (Amer J et al. "Fermented Papaya Preparation as an antioxidant in blood cells of beta thalassemic mice and patients." Phytotherapy Research. 22:820-828, 2008).

    I am planning to extend the studies with FPP to other disorders such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders, etc…

    Prof. Eliezer A. RACHMILEWITZ M.D.Rachmilewitz

    Senior Director of Osato Research Institute
    Graduated Hebrew University.
    Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem
    Internship - Hadassah University Hospital and Rambam Hospital

    1961:Received M.D. Degree
    1976:Acting Head, Hematology Service, Hadassah University Hospital
    1978-1980:Head, Hematology Service, Hadassah University Hospital
    1981-2000:Head, Department of Hematology, Hadassah Medical Organization
    April 1999-present:Head, Hematology Institute, Wolfson Medical Center

    Since many centuries ago, the quest for eternal youth has been the main human preoccupation.

    Even though nobody has found the solution, Twentieth Century scientific progress has doubled the life span of humans and this duration is now in accordance with the one programmed in the human genome (between 100 and 120 years old).

    Scientific progress has also provided us new pathologies through the transformation of the environment (such as pollution, different habits, and new ways of life); but it seems useless to live to 120 if you have to endure degenerative diseases that make you lose your intellectual and physical capacities.

    If the Twentieth Century has given us a longer life span, then the Twenty-First Century will procure a long and healthy life for us.

    The best quality of life for all---thatユs the aim of the Osato Research Institute. F.P.P. is the fruit of all our anti-aging research.

    Dr. Pierre Mantello, Ph.D., M.D.

    Director of Osato Research Institute
    Biologist EC4 (European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry)
    CES.Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Hematology, and Biochemistry
    Gold Medal Graduate, Medical University of Grenoble, France
    ORI is a very unique research institute.
    It is a great inspiration to me that ORI is involved in international research activity but also its involvement in charity activities such as supporting the World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention's Japan Office as well as other social activities for the local children.
    The sole focus of our research is "FPP" (Fermented Papaya Preparation) and famous scientists all over the world have been cooperating with our research activities as members of the ORI Scientific Board, to substantiate FPP's effect on immune adjustment with clinical data and its mechanism of involvement in our internal Redox systems.

    We have members of the board in different fields, in different countries, and each of them communicate their research findings with FPP in international academic meetings, as well as meetings held by the ORI scientific committee.

    This openly communicates research results and discusses the potential and direction of future research.Our director, Dr. Pierre Mantello is directing FPP research in Europe and has been introducing FPP as an effective food supplement for alternative healthcare in France and Italy. His efforts have made FPP accessible for many people who need it.
    Although FPP is made in Japan, our research results are still behind compared with the splendid research results in Europe.
    I would like to launch an initiative for new research projects in Japan to enhance our study.

    Okuda Sachiko Ph.D.

    Deputy Director of Osato Research Institute
    graduated Physical Chemistry Dept. of Ochanomizu Women's University (Japan)
    MSc degree in physical chemistry from U.C. San Diego(USA)
    PhD degree from University of Southampton(UK)
    Interim Board Member of INWES(International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists)
    President of INWES Japan and Vice President of Japanese Academy of Facial Studies.

    Immun'Age(F.P.P.) has gained world recognition.


    Many of the chronic ailments afflicting us as we advance in age have multiple origins and a common factor: oxiding stress. Oxiding stress is the result of an imbalance between too many oxiding molecules and weakened natural anti-oxidants.
    Oxiding stress leads to rapid breakdown of protein and hyperoxidation of lipids, leading to the breakdown of cellular membranes and to inflammation, and finally to DNA mutations likely to lead to cancer.
    The immune system cells are the most likely to be affected, leading to the weakening of natural defenses against infections, cancers and auto-immune ailments (diabetes, multiple sclerosis...).
    It is thus vital to protect oneself with anti-oxidants and immunostimulants, and to go beyond vitamin intakes.

    Immun’Age, the product of yeast-fermented papaya, is easily ingested and has proven remarkable anti-oxidant and immunostimulating properties.
    Even though those properties have yet to all be explored, its preventative action has been proven in common ailments, particularly in throat infections, as well as in serious infections such as AIDS.
    Studies conducted in Africa have demonstrated its properties in boosting the immune sustem.

    Prof. Luc Montagnier

    Senior Director of Osato Research Institute
    Co-Discoverer of the H.I.V. Virus,
    President of the World Foundation for A.I.D.S. Research and Prevention, Paris

    The more I study Immun’Age, the more I am convinced of its properties and great potential.

    Several research projects on Immun’Age are being conducted in my lab, providing material for tens of research theses and papers.

    As we discover more and more of its beneficial effects, I sincerely hope this neutraceutical product will contribute to bettering the health and quality of the lives of more and more people.

    Prof. Lester Packer , Ph.D.

    Department of Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley until 2000 University of Southern California, 2000 to present
    Papaya is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, and recently we've been learning that antioxidants play a very important role in protecting the body.

    When we compared five different fruits and two different vegetables, we found papaya, a tropical fruit . . . is the richest source of antioxidants, twenty times more powerful than Vitamin E.

    (an immunologic Clinical study on the effect of FPP in the elderly taking the influenza vaccine - under study)

    Dr. Mark E. Weksler , M.D., Ph.D.

    Geriatric Specialist, New York Weill Cornell Medical Center Professor, Cornell University, New York
    I am glad to know that FPP is involved with comlementary and alternative medicine which is rather a new field of Medicine.
    I believe that FPP will show more scientific evidences. I would like to produce it to support FPP scientifically.

    Prof.Francesco Marotta, M.D.

    Gastroenterologist. Professor of Milan University, Clinician at the San Giuseppe Hospital Milan, Italy