Fermented Papaya Preparation 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

  • Immun'Age(F.P.P.) is obtained through biotechnological processes, using fermented papaya, and is subjected to strict international quality control (ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 & ISO22000:2005). Immun'Age(F.P.P.) is the first dietary supplement that can control free radicals by eliminating hydroxyl radicals (the most dangerous free radical), stimulate superoxide dismutase (SOD), and act as an immunomodulator (stimulation of macrophage, production of NO).

    Stability(quality control):

    High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) control of various amino acids allows us to establish a real "identity card" for Immun'Age(F.P.P.) and to control its stability during manufacturing. Testing for anti-radical elements is performed with ESR (Electron Spin Resonance-- as far as we know, we are the only laboratory using ESR to control the quality of dietary supplements), and allows us to guarantee stability in Immun'Age(F.P.P.) ’s anti-oxidant properties.


    Immun'Age(F.P.P.) was tested to confirm its safety for human consumption

    Testing acute toxicity:

    Himedaka fish (measuring 1.9cm and weighing 0.2g) swam in one liter of water mixed with 1g of Immun'Age(F.P.P.) . After 96 hours, the mortality rate was zero per cent. The experiment was conducted at the Public Health Research Center of Gifu, Japan.

    Analysis of heavy metals and harmful ingredients:

    Chemical analysis performed revealed no detectable quantity of heavy metals or of harmful ingredients. That evaluation was conducted at the Public Health Research Center of Gifu, Japan.

    Effects on liver functions:

    Several studies in toxicology (SGOT, SGPT) revealed no significant changes in liver functions during testing at the Russian Pediatric Haematology Institute, at the Pasteur Institute in Kyoto (now Pasteur Center for Medical Research, Japan), at the State Medical University of Russia, and at the Academy of Science in Russia.

    Radioprotection of children during clinical studies on acute myeloid and lympho leukemia:

    During and after complete analysis of radio-protector and anti-oxidant effects of Immun'Age(F.P.P.) on children with myeloid and lympho leukemia by pediatricians, testing revealed no toxicity and no allergy or other problematic effects on the patients.