Fermented Papaya Preparation 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Immun’Age (F.P.P.) safe?

    Many studies conducted all over the world by renowned scientists show that Immun'Age(F.P.P.) is not associated with any side effects, and presents no risks.

    I have diabetes...

    One packet of Immun’Age (F.P.P.) is the equivalent of less than half a lump of sugar, that is, 1% of the recommended daily value. You can then use it safely.

    I am sick and taking medication. Should I worry about drug interaction?

    No, because Immun’Age (F.P.P.) is all natural and safe, it presents no risks. However, you should always take Immun’Age (F.P.P.) 30 minutes before or after ingesting anything else.

    What is the best time of day to take Immun’Age (F.P.P.)?

    The important thing to remember is to take Immun’Age (F.P.P.) on an empty stomach. Therefore, taking it first thing in the morning or last thing at night is most convenient.
    It is also important not to eat or drink anything within 30 minutes of taking Immun’Age (F.P.P.).

    Can I take Immun’Age (F.P.P.) daily?

    Many people do take Immun’Age (F.P.P.) daily. However, you can adapt your preventive treatment to the different environmental conditions you are exposed to. If you don’t smoke or drink, if you exercise regularly and don’t live in a highly-polluted environment, two to three two-month anti-aging treatments will do. The more exposed you are to environmental stress and unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, too much or not enough physical activity), the longer and the more regular treatments should be.

    Is Immun’Age (F.P.P.) a stimulant, like vitamin C?

    No, Immun’Age (F.P.P.) is not a stimulant. Its effects are more complex than vitamin C: Immun’Age (F.P.P.) restores the balance between oxidants and anti-oxidants by ridding the body of excess free-radicals and boosting cellular metabolism. In practice, you will feel less tired, you will wake up with more ease, you will feel energized more rapidly than before. Immun’Age (F.P.P.) protects against all environmental stresses contributing to aging.